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Medicare Wellness

As a federally qualified health care center, HOMETOWN Health Center, encourages all Medicare recipients to receive their free Medicare Wellness visit each year.  This is a time for you and your provider to talk about your healthcare needs and to make sure that your medical care is all up-to-date, including information from any specialist you may be seeing.  Again, this is a service that is covered at 100% by Medicare, with no out-of-pocket expense to you.  Call your Care Team today to schedule your Medicare Wellness visit.

Medicare allows the following yearly visits with your primary care provider at no cost to you:

Welcome to Medicare Preventative Visit, which must be completed with in the first 12 months of your effective date with your Medicare policy. Your provider will complete a physical and review risk factors that you may have that affect your health and environment during this first visit.

Annual Wellness visits with your provider will be provided yearly also with no out-of-pocket cost to you as a Medicare beneficiary. During this visit, your provider will be reviewing any risk that you may have that affect your health and environment. This visit does not include your yearly physical. This visit is a time to talk with your provider.