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Mission, Vision, Values


The vision of our Community Health Center is to be a corporation of excellence in collaboration with our community partners. We will strive to be the best health center in our state and beyond with affordable accessible primary health care in a manner that exceeds patient expectations.


The Mission of our Health Center is to provide high quality, cost effective, comprehensive primary and preventative health care in the communities we serve. We are dedicated to the continuous improvement in services being provided to decrease health disparities regardless of patientsí ability to pay.


  • Work Place Excellence:  We strive to work in a positive atmosphere with a positive attitude.
  • Caring and Compassion:  We greet those we serve and one another with concern, kindness and respect.
  • Honest and Integrity:  We act openly and truthfully in everything we do.
  • Team Work:  We work together cooperatively, recognizing the power of our combined efforts exceeds what we can accomplish individually.
  • Community:  We acknowledge our vital role in local communities and we seek to understand and serve their needs.
  • Excellence and Quality:  We are committed to quality and to adding value in every aspect of our work and we strive to exceed the expectations of our customers.
  • Work Place Excellence:  We strive to create an educational environment for our patients, our employees and for the training of medical professionals dedicated to serving the disadvantaged.